Friday, September 23, 2011

Wedding blogged.

So, we got married this summer... 

Of course, if you are reading this, you were probably there. If there is anyone reading this. HELLO out there in blog land!
Anyway, I am super proud of the DIYs and art that went into the day. It was definitely my favorite part of the planning... and the most crazy! Seriously ended up being the most time consuming thing. But so worth it! Here is some of what we did:

Programs- This was seriously the easiest thing every! I just copied the font and color that I printed on the invites (those came in a nifty pack from Michaels) and drew some bunting on paint. Easy and inexpensive! Woo!

Flowers- I would definitely recommend a foray into floral arrangement if you are getting married. All I had to do was head down to my local flower stand and got lots of friendly help to pick out the best flowers. I wish I wouls have done more than just the flower girls' bouquets!

Centerpieces- So, these were interesting... The potted flowers got a little bit wilted. But there were pretty bottles and colorful flags so I got over it.

Decor- Are you sensing a theme yet? Somehow I jumped on the whole bunting/flags bandwagon. Overall I'd say I'm happy with that. I got the idea for my guestbook painting from something I saw on a wedding blog... And by "got the idea" I mean "tweaked the colors and put our faces in it. Big shout out to the original artist, if you can credit it, let me know. I absolutely love it now and the whole thing is hanging on our wall. I would absolutely recommend this over a regular guestbook! now we get to look at it every day!

I hope you enjoyed that adventure in bad DIY! 


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