Thursday, June 24, 2010


Sometimes I wonder why I haven't learned yet, not to let other people have control over my emotions. Hell, I can see or hear something upsetting and let it tear at my heartstrings. But one person... they can hold me up or tear me down, and I have no say. How the fuck did I get here, to this very spot?

Only my ladies can help me now:

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I know I just made an embarrassing emotional rant not more than half an hour ago, but check out Kadanuumuu (aka "big man"). He's a 4 million year old hominid! Newly discovered and published, and also the most complete clavicle and shoulder blade ever found in the human fossil record. Coolness! 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i'll have a whiskey up, please.

Mad Men is coming back soon! SO SO EXCITING!
I wanna have a Mad Men party because the style is just amazing.

Beautiful! <3

Monday, June 7, 2010

happy happy joy joy.

It is 5 a.m. and I feel like yuck. Time for some pictures of awesome, adorable or funny things to make life better.

Cute mermaid:

Awesome cake pan:

Awesome singer-dancer-actor-looker:

Best movie:

Purty kitchen:

Best website ever!

Well, that helped.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new camera madness.

I finally have a new camera that works, just in time to show off the new house!




I love our house so much! Now for some more memories of the last month.

Check out this awesome birthday sundae: little brother and sister are pretty much the cutest!
And then there was Robin's wedding shower! My picture of the bride-to-be was blurry but I have some cute ones of the other girlies:

 Yesterday was pretty awesome too! My parents gave us their BBQ and so Zack came over and we made some yummy burgers. But first, we went to the park, and even saw Rae at work there!
Fats is so adorable! I feel like a pretty lucky lady to have two special boys in my life. :)