Monday, October 18, 2010

say yes to the dress.

Wedding dress is bought! Can I say "Hooray!" enough?

My "YES!!!" moment: (Cropped for obvious reasons.)


the week in photos.

Umm... Can I just hang a huge fail sign the whole "photo a day" idea? By day three I had already forgotten to take any pictures, mainly because the whole day was pretty much just WORK. So, time for a little edit, more of a highlights reel of the week. Works much better for me. 

Sunday Farmers Market:

My view on the way to the booth!

 Rae and her mom came to visit us! SO awesome. 

My work week: 

All she EVER does!

 Binder Check Fridays. My least favorite day of work.

Nicole's Birthday Party: (generally drama filled, as always!)

Sexy time?
 Cake! Super yummy red velvet bundt cake!
Shout House!
Success! <3

Friday, October 8, 2010

photo a day.

There is a puppy on my shoulder right now. More specifically, she is the adorable little love who joined our family today, Frankie. Short for Frankenstein of course... :) She does the weirdest things like grunting and breathing tiny little fast breathes, and of course crawling immediately to perch on your shoulder like a little bird. She is the cutest thing, and Fats is even more adorable because he comes to peek at her like a toddler does to a new baby. He is so excited!

Her arrival comes with a new little project I want to do.  Since I bought my camera, I have only used it a handful of times. Plus, I have my phone too... So I am going to take at least a photo a day, and post them on here in clumps. Kind of cheesy, and very overdone, but I think it will be fun, and this is going to be a very big year! So, here goes nothing:


Look how sad Fats looks with his cone! (and his serious lack of huevos.)


The new little sweetie sleeping.