Friday, September 23, 2011

Wedding blogged.

So, we got married this summer... 

Of course, if you are reading this, you were probably there. If there is anyone reading this. HELLO out there in blog land!
Anyway, I am super proud of the DIYs and art that went into the day. It was definitely my favorite part of the planning... and the most crazy! Seriously ended up being the most time consuming thing. But so worth it! Here is some of what we did:

Programs- This was seriously the easiest thing every! I just copied the font and color that I printed on the invites (those came in a nifty pack from Michaels) and drew some bunting on paint. Easy and inexpensive! Woo!

Flowers- I would definitely recommend a foray into floral arrangement if you are getting married. All I had to do was head down to my local flower stand and got lots of friendly help to pick out the best flowers. I wish I wouls have done more than just the flower girls' bouquets!

Centerpieces- So, these were interesting... The potted flowers got a little bit wilted. But there were pretty bottles and colorful flags so I got over it.

Decor- Are you sensing a theme yet? Somehow I jumped on the whole bunting/flags bandwagon. Overall I'd say I'm happy with that. I got the idea for my guestbook painting from something I saw on a wedding blog... And by "got the idea" I mean "tweaked the colors and put our faces in it. Big shout out to the original artist, if you can credit it, let me know. I absolutely love it now and the whole thing is hanging on our wall. I would absolutely recommend this over a regular guestbook! now we get to look at it every day!

I hope you enjoyed that adventure in bad DIY! 


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

between the bars.

Random thought... 

It's strange how much music can effect you in the most unexpectedly deep ways. I sat down tonight with a book and Elliott Smith in my headphones... I just had to stop and close my eyes and whisper the words. He is/was one of those artists that I can't listen to passively... The melody seeps into me and fills all the open space in my heart. It sounds a little silly to put it that way, but it's true! We humans are so lucky to be able to experience something so beautiful. Go evolution! (or Creation, if that's your dig.) 

Okay, so that was weirdly emotional! Ha! I haven't even blogged in almost a year.... Why not jump in head first?


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This was our first Halloween in the new place and it was magical! We basically have the cutest house ever.

Mandatory party photo: (I was a bumblebee and Scott was a party-pooper!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

first trip to the vet.

I was so sad to take Frankie to get her vaccinations... She seemed so scared to be there! She hides up behind my head when she's feeling threatened, so this was her perch before the doctor came:

 And she totally killed me with her little claws when the doctor came in:

  But she was alright when we got home and was so cute in her little bandana!
It was definitely a good lesson... but it'll be even more sad to take a little baby to the doctor some day! :( Good thing that won't happen for a long time.


Monday, November 1, 2010

photo life montage 10/17-10/24

Late again! Ha! It was kind of an un-epic week...

South Park mid-week bar run:

For some reason, Scott and I sat on opposite sides of the table at Alchemy, and Scott said Jorge and I look like a couple!

Furthering that image, we shared a drink.

The "couple" at the other side of the table.... :)

Girl Scout Camping:

Then, I went "camping" with Lynsey's Brownie troop that weekend. It was kind of yucky weather, so we ended up roughing it inside the leader's church in Ocean Beach.

Snack time!

 Hiking on the cliffs.

Quite a lovely week.


Monday, October 18, 2010

say yes to the dress.

Wedding dress is bought! Can I say "Hooray!" enough?

My "YES!!!" moment: (Cropped for obvious reasons.)


the week in photos.

Umm... Can I just hang a huge fail sign the whole "photo a day" idea? By day three I had already forgotten to take any pictures, mainly because the whole day was pretty much just WORK. So, time for a little edit, more of a highlights reel of the week. Works much better for me. 

Sunday Farmers Market:

My view on the way to the booth!

 Rae and her mom came to visit us! SO awesome. 

My work week: 

All she EVER does!

 Binder Check Fridays. My least favorite day of work.

Nicole's Birthday Party: (generally drama filled, as always!)

Sexy time?
 Cake! Super yummy red velvet bundt cake!
Shout House!
Success! <3