Monday, September 13, 2010

thoughts and dreams.

Soooo my mom put the little grain of a thought into my head and I have been thinking about it ever since. I want to open my own store... With donations and vintage and handmade consignment items. It is daunting, and a huge endeavor, and oh so scary. Such a big leap! We would do major research first of course, and get lots of allies on our side (crafters, donators and shoppers!). 

Scott seems to think that I am crazy... But people do this, right? They do venture out on their own, and are at times even quite successful at it. Rae, since you are like the only person who reads this, this post is pretty redundant, as you already know all of this.  Ha ha, I am blogging to a crowd of one and it is lovely! I <3 you, you are a good friend. (and Robin too!)

I am just finding the post-college life to be unfulfilling, and this seems so... perfect. Something that I can work hard at, toil away at, and see real results. Put myself to work and see not just a paycheck, but the product of my labors. Like the way it felt to see my name credited on the 2009 Whaley House Field Manual, with my research on those  pages! Not just some term paper that disappeared into the abyss.

Does this just have to be dream land? That makes me sad.

(the usual inspiration)



Robin said...

You should do it!!! And sell music trinkets! :)

kenna v said...

What in the world is a music trinket? :p

Robin said...

A trinket that is related to music of course... Paper weights, money clips, etc. :)

Rae said...

I think if its something you're really passionate about, then you should go for it!

(and you are about the only one who reads mine too.... :P)

kenna v said...

I'm gonna make pet rocks with googley eyes and I'll give one a saxophone. :p hahahahaha!!!!