Monday, April 19, 2010

insert gangster rap lyric here.

I have realized over the last couple months that 90's gangster rap has a very special place in my heart. Maybe it's the fact that lots of Notorious BIG and Dr. Dre songs and the like have been on the radio a lot lately... Or my inappropriately large intake of MTV as a child. I don't know, but that stuff is golden.

On another note, I have finally settled on a tattoo that I could see myself getting, and am going to do it sometime in the next year and a half! I want to wait til after the wedding I think, just so that my family doesn't flip a total bitch at me, or just my mother.
My idea was inspired by all the cute stuff at El Camino in South Park:

It is pretty much the best place ever! I want a Mexican sugar skull, but one that is cute and girly, definitely smiling, and maybe with a little bow. 

Hooray! It's going to be as adorable as this tattoo:


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Rae said...

I really like the skull in the upper right with the hearts. And ps: that chick looks like you a lot. Good job!