Tuesday, December 1, 2009

are you cussin' with me?

We saw Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. So amazing!

Other than that, my life's a big bag of FAIL right now. Someone please make all this homework go away!

P.S. --- It is a very real possibility that I will be going to Europe in the next year. Where should Scott and I go? Right now I'm leaning toward the UK, Ireland especially.

All the places I want to visit are foggy/cold!
San Francisco:


 and Ireland:

 My cousin is so cute! I didn't ask her permission... Oh well!

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Rae said...

You know that I'm partial to Italy.... It's not cold and foggy, unless maybe you go to Venice in the winter, but I think you'd love it anyway! :D But I've always wanted to go see the castles in Ireland and Scotland. But I hear the fjords in Norway and there-abouts are amazing too!